Tuesday, August 24, 2010

196 days and counting down

I’m turning forty in 196 days and I am at a crossroad. I believed just three years ago that I would be bound for glory in all aspects of my life and that by now I would be pursuing a meaningful career, at least to me. I would be doing research on something significant while I wait for both of my sons to graduate high school so that I could go on to graduate school. Alas, I was wrong.
God has a funny way of redirecting our lives. When I graduated college at the ripe age of 36 I accepted a job with a big box corporation and returned to my hometown. I was excited making decent money and commuting 67 miles one way to work. My job was challenging and I liked the people I worked with. Four months after my return to town I had coffee with my ex-fiancé from 17 years earlier. God had brought us back together to get married seven months later. Two years into our marriage we are very happy together. That part of my life is better than I could ever imagine possible.
However, just over a year ago I quit my big box job and decided to pursue other avenues. Unfortunately I made my move just as the recession began to take hold with an iron grip. Needless to say I have a college degree and I now work at a convenience store as an assistant manager making just one dollar over minimum wage. What’s up with that?? I make half of what I did with no benefits and less of a life than I had before. Not only has my work life gone to hell but this last January I lost one of the three most influential women in my life, my Grandmother. I have officially been in a deep depression when it comes to my self worth.
This last weekend I spent it with my eldest son getting him ready for college where I am an Alumna. I had mixed emotions that of excitement for him and a longing to return to campus. I knew I was being ridiculous but I couldn’t help it. I love school, I love my professors (and not in a perverted way) and I loved my peers. I just love everything about it.
I know I can’t be a professional student and I know that until a college close to me starts to offer Graduate programs that I would like to take I won’t be going to graduate school. So that is where I left it in my mind. How depressing is that? VERY!!!!
But that was also the catalyst to making my list. It’s really simple and it’s nothing more than what any self help book will tell you to do… Make a list and change your attitude. So here it is my list.
10 Things to do before I am 40!
1. Lose 40 lbs,
2. Kill a Bear (at least try to)
3. Write a short story (150 page or more)
4. Get concealed weapons permit
5. Compete in an archery tournament
6. Find a rewarding job
7. Spend a Fabulous weekend in Las Vegas
8. Learn photography
9. Go somewhere I’ve never been before
10. Get an article Published

I will be chronicling my progress and sharing it with you. If you have any suggestions let me know I am open to input.


  1. Ok... here we go. My comments are in (( ))

    1. Lose 40 lbs ((Seriously?? I doubt that you have gained THAT much since high school!))

    2. Kill a bear ((Is this a personal vendetta or natural childhood desire?))

    3. Write a short story ((Any particular topic? Need to have a starting point and the rest will flow))

    4. Get concealed weapons permit ((Move to AZ - we don't require those anymore - and thank GOD for that!!))

    5. Compete in an archery tournament ((Have you been practicing? If not - do so! Give yourself the edge you need to compete))

    7. Spend a Fabulous weekend in Las Vegas ((I was born there & have a lot of family there. I visit frequently. 'Fabulous' in 'Vegas' means dishing a TON of money. Besides... things aren't as 'fabulous' as they used to be. Outside the 'glistening city lights, bling and glamour' are horrible conditions. I might suggest someplace else...))

    8. Learn photography ((You don't actually have to 'learn' that. Keep a camera with you at all times and when you see nature in all its glory or something spectacular that you like.... capture it. :))

    9. Go somewhere I've never been before ((That one is totally on you :))

    10. Get an article published ((Well... a web log is a start. You have officially published a blog post that can be read by nearly 3 billion people online. It's not an 'article' per se, but it's a definite start))

    ((By the way.... one of your labels is "writting"... what is that??))

    Keep fighting the good fight 'Just a Girl'! You're well on your way - and I look forward to more posts!!

    Comment By: Some Dumb Loser

  2. Oops! I skipped over number 6.

    6. Find a rewarding job ((Gonna be tough in this economy. Not exactly what we were taught in school, huh? "Complete your education - go to college - get a high-paying career - live the "Beaver Cleaver" life - and retire with bank." Hmmm... someone forgot to inform our politicians of the "American Dream" - that is... for those of us NOT in politics that seem to be having a REAL time experiencing it. Hang in there! It'll come around one of these days))