Friday, August 27, 2010

Be Careful for what you wish for

The other day I was thinking about going back to school since my Social Science degree is getting me nowhere fast. I thought about majoring in History or Journalism. Either one would take me about a year to get if I went full time. I was leaning towards Journalism because it would help with my writing. I could do some freelance writing and maybe score a job at the local newspaper.

Good thought, right?

Be Careful For What You Wish For!

Well this morning as I was scouring the help wanted ads on the Montrose Daily Press website there was a posting for an Assistant Distribution Manager. The position is part-time with flexible hours. It would be a foot in the door and it would be easier to move up on the totem pole than if I was an outsider. I would also be involved more in the community and have a chance to be closer to my "Rewarding Job".

So I go to hand in my resume and before I even know what is going on I'm handed paperwork, given a tour of the facilities and being introduced to everyone that is in the office at the time. So what is a girl to do????
Pros & Cons


  1. I am no longer working at a convenience store
  2. Hours are extremely flexible
  3. I could go back to school without much problems in scheduling conflict.
  4. I could learn a great deal more working for them that staying stagnant at my current position
  5. I could spen more time working on my own company


  1. While the pay is a little more the hours are less which comes to less money.

So what do I do? Do I give up the opportunity because of the $ or do I follow a dream?


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