Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Nip

195 days to go. My strategy for loosing weight is that I will change some fundamental things in my routine. One I will actually do something physical everyday above and beyond the normal get up go to work, clean the house etc. My goal is to walk at least 25 mile per week. I have three routes mapped out: 1) 5.6 miles will little incline 2) 5.58 miles with a lot of incline and 3) 7.3 miles with a lot of incline. Needless to say I am starting with the first route. Two, drink less soda and eat whole grain cereal instead of my fried eggs, bacon and hash browns that I love so much.
Today was the second day of this route and I have come to learn that by the time I am ¾ of the way done with my walk I am famished. I also need to use the restroom. So what is a girl to do about the bathroom problem? It’s not as if we can stand beside the road and inconspicuously relieve ourselves. It’s so unfair! I actually have a couple of options one is to stop at San Juan Hop Farm and ask if I could use their restroom on a daily basis. That is after all approximately when my bladder tells me I need to go. The other is a tree that hugs the road where I can step into it and if I’m desperate I can use it, as long as no one is around.
This is where we come to the issue of a little nip. When I began today’s walk I encountered two dogs; a German Sheppard and a Hound dog. I have nick named them Boris and Boomer until I find out their real names. The two were lounging around their front lawn when I came upon them. They both jumped to attention and proceeded to bark at me running up and startling me since I was preoccupied with my music. Boris sounded vicious and Boomer reminded me of a cartoon of a Hound Dog and its hollow wooo wooo wooo instead of woof woof woof. I put my hand out for them to smell me and since Boomer seemed to think I was okay then Boris thought so to. I walked on and all was fine.
When I had reached my mid mark and was returning home I saw a runner coming my way with two dogs as we got closer to each other she grabbed the leash of one not letting go until we passed. I began to think that I wouldn’t mind having a running partner myself. By the time that thought process was over I had reached San Juan Hop Farm and began to think of food, shortly after I started to think about my predicament the day before and the need of the restroom. I walked a little farther down and saw the tree and started to asses the situation when I looked down the road and saw the runner with the two dogs. I continued on my journey.
I heard them coming up behind me so I went to the side of the road for them to pass little did I know but it was only one of the dogs. The runner and the well trained dog was still a ways behind and the pup was barking. I turned towards it and it backed off so I continued again it came towards me, barking. This dance went on about three times before the runner came up to control the animal and just when she said, “She’s a work in progress, but she won’t hurt you.” The dog nipped me on my calf. All I could think of was, “Really? Is that why there is dog saliva on my new sweat pants I got from The Gap?” You know those really soft ones that if it was at all possible to live in you would.
Am I going to make it alive another 195 days or will I be mauled by ruthless dogs? For the record I my beginning stats for this weight loss thing is 5’2” at 158.8 lbs when I first get out of bed, 160.2 after I have eaten. I do understand if I lose 40 lbs that I will be around 120 lbs and that may be too much for me. I am after all at that age where you need a little weight so your wrinkles don’t show so much.
Hope you all had a great day,


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  2. Maybe you should get a dog for your walking partner. Then teach it to pee on people who let their dogs nip you.

    But really, I think you have a great goal. The lifestyle changes will do a world of wonder, even if you don't meet the goal of getting to 120. And that could be much more rewarding than a number on the scale.